Everson Electrical and the PowerPac brand

Power Pac is our registered trade mark brand, wholly owned by Everson Electrical (S) Private Limited.

The Power Pac brand covers a wide rage or consumer electrical products and appliances. Our product range can be viewed on this website.

Everson is a two generation family run business with humble beginnings in the retail and distribution of similar products of other manufacturers. Through many years of dealing, handling, reviewing, sourcing and development of such products, we have gained valuable, vast and deep knowledge in addition to direct access to many actual manufacturers. Through natural progression and our sincere desire to oer consumers reliable, well designed, functional and competitively priced home electrical products, we embarked to build Power Pac.

While technology is constantly changing to make life better, Everson conscientiously and consistently operates with and through our deep seated beliefs of good business ethics, strong consumer and product support and accessibility to purchase or to address warranties. We take pride in our ethical business policies and want our human touch to be extended through our Power Pac products in your homes. Further we also care for our environment and our products; knowing that we have observed eco-friendly manufacturing processes.